The client is a worldwide information technology company. We provide a portfolio of IT services, software and technology that solves critical problems for clients.


Agile Business Suite offers model-based and model-driven development capabilities (implementing elements of OMG’s platform-independent and platform-specific models) that allow users to define and modify applications at a higher level of abstraction (“what” it should do, rather than “how”) than traditional 3GL languages, such as C#, C++ and Java. Once the application requirements are defined in the model, Agile Business Suite translates those requirements and specifications into a fully functional application that is customised for the target deployment environment.


AB Suite provides

  • Provides legacy EAE customers to migrate to new OOPS oriented language.
  • AB Suite hosts in Visual Studio providing standardised IDE development.


Agile Business Suite provides:

  • A higher level of definition
  • Platform independence
  • Ability to mask complexity
  • Capturing the what without worrying about the how
  • New and better kind of client interfaces

Agile Business Suite