Set up a Data Management and Business Intelligence CoE, implemented Master Data Management, BI and Dashboards solutions

Business Problem

  • Client was unable to aggregate data about the business its agents were conducting
  • Data was spread across multiple, disparate systems
  • Formatting inconsistencies compounded the problem
  • Budget constraints prevented a complete rewrite of the systems

Developed Solution

Set up a data management COE with extended support services (including ETL factory, reporting services, advanced database administration) offered on a subscription basis

COE support team provided data analysis, data extraction, reporting services, database administration

Evolved a comprehensive Master Data for Agents, Agent Hierarchies, Products, Policies & Client. This included the process of implementing comprehensive business rules to unify each of these core entities

Business Benefits

  • Improved ability to make more-informed decisions
  • Unified data store provides a total picture of the business agents are conducting
  • Reduced information delivery costs
  • Standardized methods and common tools

Client Overview:

Primary Business Unit: