Australia, July 5, 2017 –NTT DATA is pleased to announce the establishment of an innovation centre in Sydney, Australia, focusing on business process management and platform as a service.

The innovation centre is a technology partnership between two of NTT DATA’s product related businesses, NTT DATA Figtree Systems and NTT DATA Intra-mart Corporation.

An earlier innovator in its field, NTT DATA Intramart’s BPM platform, “intra-mart” featured in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Application and Integration Platforms” as early as 2011.

Intra-mart is a technology platform that connects with multiple business applications to provide a common framework for process automation and workflow management.

The solution has been deployed across various industry domains, including insurance, public sector, financial services and retail, and has been adopted by over 5,000 companies and 200 partners in Japan and across Asia Pacific.

A central aspect of the innovation centre will be to integrate intra-mart as an extended technology framework for Figtree Systems claims, risk and fleet software.

This will provide NTT DATA Figtree Systems with enhanced workflow and integration capability to support its core client community of insurers and claims managers in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America.

The innovation centre will be headed up by NTT DATA Intramart’s Senior Vice President, Luis Ohri, who will lead the growth of NTT DATA Intra-mart outside the company’s primary operation in Japan.

Through platform as a service (PaaS), intra-mart’s capability helps organisations navigate the complexity of the modern business and technology landscape, providing a platform and architecture for:

  • Synchronisation of siloed business applications and data
  • Workflow orchestration from multi-source data
  • Low code environment for business rules management
  • Agile and open source framework for application development
  • Legacy system and back office transformation
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Internet of Things (IoT)


Intra-mart fast-tracks the integration process through open source technology and offers accelerator frameworks for java developers, web services and various connectors for SAP, SalesForce, Oracle and Microsoft systems.

Once integrated to core business systems, intra-mart empowers business users with a toolset for managing decisions and workflow processes in a low code environment. This allows business processes to be re-engineered with relative ease, efficiency and cost.

The Innovation Centre will seek to develop upon the existing product IP offered by both NTT DATA Figtree Systems and NTT DATA Intramart and will provide a mutually beneficial sales model and growth strategy.

“Collaboration with NTT DATA Intramart has been positive for us. Not just for transforming our own IP and business process, but also for our clients. We now have the resources to bridge the technology gap and a new platform for growth.” - says NTT DATA Figtree Systems CEO, Ricky Au