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Our knowledge, experience, and proven results in Quality assurance spans over 45 years, transforming testing into Software Quality Engineering. NTT DATA offers end-to-end test management expertise across the testing lifecycle, from strategy to execution with deployment models backed by strong delivery methodologies. Key industries include Health Care & Pharmaceutical, Financial & Insurance, Manufacturing, Transportation, Consumer Retail, Communication & Media and Public Sector.




  • Process methodologies: V-Model, W-Model, Iterative & Agile.
  • Industry-leading tools for test management, defect management, automation, performance and data quality assurance.
  • Main technologies: SOA, SAP, ERP/CRM, BI, RIA, COTS based Systems
  • Know-how: Tight integration with internal verticals and strong partnership with major global vendors

Testing R&D and Innovation

  • Reduced total cost of testing by harnessing Open Source test tools
  • On-Demand Performance Testing (ODPT)
  • Cloud Service-based test environment
  • Mobile Test Lab
  • Partnership with NTT Innovation Institute Inc. - based in Silicon Valley- for next generation testing solutions.

Solutions and Processes

  • TERASOLUNA is a proprietary framework and development methodology that includes various tools. TERASOLUNA RACTES UT/IT is a tool that improves productivity and quality of Unit Test Case creation and the quality of Integration Test Case list creation.
  • SDEDO is a testing framework. It’s acronym comes from the 5 stages of testing: strategy, design, execute, deploy, operate, covering whole project lifecycle from the project initiation to user acceptance.
  • Test automation tools: Open2Test is an open source test automation framework developed by NTT DATA that makes possible automate test scripts across many test environments and Test Automation aPpliance (TAP) improve test automation by supporting functional testing tools such as QTP and Selenium.
  • QATalyst: recognised in the 2011 Information Week 500 top innovator, is a cloud-based software quality assurance solution that reduces performance testing time from months to weeks or days.
  • Mobile test automation using Mobile Quality 360 (MQ360) execute a single script for a test scenario on multiple devices using multiple test automation tools – without ever having to revisit or rewrite the script.

Best Practices

  • Risk-based Testing, Component-based Testing
  • Requirements & design-based traceability matrix
  • ROI-based test automation
  • Cloud enabled testing – performance testing, mobile testing
  • Decision support metrics and reporting
  • Unit and integration test automation


Mar. 1, 2017

NTT DATA Corporation

NTT DATA Corporation (hereinafter called “NTT DATA”) has established the “AI & IoT Business Section” on March 1, 2017 as an expert organisation with know-how in analytics, AI, and edge computing technology*1 required by IoT society.

The “AI & IoT Business Section” consists of an expert team of 200 data analysts, data scientists, and consultants, as well as 1500 developers of embedded technologies. By taking full advantage of the unique know-how in server-side technology such as large-scale transaction processing, edge-side embedded software development technology for vehicle-installed devices and mobile devices, AI technology, and analytics that the NTT DATA and NTT DATA Group have cultivated over the years, we, along with our clients, will provide new value for end-users and society.

The “AI & IoT Business Section” aims to expand its sales of AI- and IoT-related business to the 50-billion-yen level by the year 2020.


With recent advancements in AI- and IoT-related technology, IoT society and next-generation automotive society are highly expected. Today, it has become possible to obtain and process real-time information in massive amounts from individual devices and sensors that are estimated to be several hundred billions, and it will be essential for each company to know how to use this information effectively to return profits as added value to end-users. Moreover, it is required to further accelerate the digital transformation of clients’ business while taking advantage of AI technology.

Overview of the new organisation

To swiftly deal with clients’ business transformation to adapt to changes over time, we established the “AI & IoT Business Section” as an expert organisation of AI and IoT technology.

The “AI & IoT Business Section” consists of an expert team of 200 analysts, data scientists, and consultants, as well as 1500 developers of embedded technologies. By taking full advantage and maximising the use of the unique achievements and know-how in AI- and IoT-related technology that NTT DATA Corporation Business Solutions Sector and NTT DATA Group have cultivated over the years, we will provide high added value not only to our clients but also to each end-user.

NTT DATA Group’s achievements and know-how of AI- and IoT-related technology

  1. “Large-scale transaction processing technology on the server side” and “data collaboration platform construction technology” that have been cultivated throughout the history of large-scale system construction
  2. “Embedded software development technology on the edge-side” that has been cultivated through the experiences of NTT DATA MSE, NTT DATA SBC, and NJK.
  3. “Advanced analytical skills and the practical skill of AI technology, such as machine learning, and deep learning” that has been cultivated by the NTT DATA Big Data Business Promotion Office and NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.
  4. “Good coordination skills” to connect individual siloed*2 elements into one, as well as to connect each enterprise and industry
  5. “The latest AI- & IoT-related technology” by NTT Laboratories.

To add our achievements and know-how, we will also provide solutions and services using next-generation technology including AI & IoT.

Newly provided value

  • Providing IoT service to the manufacturing industry (from the edge-side to the server side, analytics, and network). With our achievements and know-how in software embedded development on the edge-side that we have been cultivating from experiences of vehicle-installed devices and mobile devices, NTT DATA supports clients in utilising a wide range IoT technology for realising their business strategy. We accelerate prototyping for proof-of-concept cases with IoT in the field of smart factories, SCM, and after-sales service that we have been promoting with our clients in the manufacturing industry, to develop them into concrete IoT solutions. Not only consistent system construction and operation from the edge-side to the server side, NTT DATA also supports clients in implementing IoT services such as analysis to utilise obtained information, IoT networking, and security. We aim to expand our business to utilise IoT and AI in the life sciences field at an early stage in the future.
  • Providing AI services to contribute to our clients’ business value. By taking advantage of our achievements of more than 300 cases of big data analysis, as well as our AI technology such as “corevoTM,” NTT DATA provides AI services to contribute to our clients’ business value. With high expectations of AI technology, there has been a variety of machine learning frameworks from IT vendors; however, the skill, functional coverage area, and the method differ according to each client’s needs. NTT DATA provides the best methodology, machine learning framework for data analysis and prediction, and common base platform for each industry to construct ideally combined services for each user.

Future course of action

NTT DATA aims to further expand its services- and value-creation-related AI & IoT technology, and to expand sales in the field to the 50-billion-yen level by the year 2020

To make use of our experience in having diverse contact points, NTT DATA would like to continuously support our clients by bringing them business innovation and by creating new value as a digital innovation partner.


  • *1 ”Edge computing technology” is a kind of technology to process large quantities of data at high speed by distributing the edge server that is located nearer to users than cloud.
  • *2 “Siloed” is a condition where elements are reviewed or constructed by each task or each independent division of a company, and the overall optimizations as a company is not attempted to add value for clients.
  • *Other names of products, companies, and organisations are the trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

For more information, please contact:

Planning Section
Business Solution Sector
NTT DATA Corporation
Tel: +081 50 5546 8595

When: 28 April 2017 
Where: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

NTT DATA is a proud gold sponsor of Agile Testing, Test Automation & BDD Sydney. Hosted by Testingmind, this event brings the best in Agile Testing and Automation with real time experience and thought leadership.

Key topic areas covered include:

  • Agile Testing- Are you Future Ready?

  • Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)

  • Automation in Agile Testing

  • Agile Testing Tools, Process and Techniques

  • Test Automation Frameworks – Assumptions, Concepts and Tools

  • Agile Exploratory Testing

  • Building Security into an Agile/ DevOps environment


The event features an inspiring line up of talks by field leaders in Agile Testing & Test Automation, including NTT DATA’s very own, Shobhit Garg. Shobhit is the Head of Testing Practice in the ANZ region and brings over 2 decades experience in Quality Assurance and Testing.

More information about the program and keynote speakers can be found at the Agile Testing, Test Automation & BDD Sydney Website. With just 100 seats available, be sure to register early.


When: 21 March 2017 (8.00am and 7.30pm)
Where: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

The Salesforce World Tour Conference showcases a community of trailblazers, pioneers and innovators. This year NTT DATA will be joining the impressive list of technology innovators showcasing at the Customers Success Expo. It will be a chance to interact with our latest product demos and pick up some best practice advice from some of our most successful customers.

While you’re visiting us at the World Tour expo, make sure to check out the vast number of inspiring speakers and panel discussions, including a keynote address from Mark Hawkins, Saleforce’s CFO and Executive Vice President. Mark brings over 30 years’ leadership working with leading finance organisations at global software and technology companies including Autodesk, Logitech, Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

To register for the event, be sure to visit the Salesforce World Tour 2017 website. We look forward to seeing you there.

Technology has never been more crucial to providing customer value, driving competitive advantage and achieving operational and cost efficiencies. As a top 10 global IT services provider, NTT DATA is an IT innovator you can trust. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, our operations span across a network of 100,000 industry professionals, with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide.

With business in all states of Australia, NTT DATA provide a full suite of IT services to clients in the Public Sector, Transportation, Retail, Insurance and Financial Services industries. We work at all levels of the IT ecosystem, providing solutions for Big Data and Analytics, Application Development and Management, Enterprise Application Services, IT Outsourcing, CRM, and Quality Assurance and Testing.

As a partner to our clients, we devise strategies to remove the pain-points that inhibit growth, while developing cost-effective solutions, with the right technology mix, to meet the demands of an agile, digital economy.

A Rich History of Innovation

From our integral role in building Japan’s financial systems to helping advance safety in air transportation, NTT DATA has been a pioneer of social change for more than five decades.

Tetsu Sato"This region has the required potential to surge ahead in the IT services market place. In responding to it, we are determined to commit this market with a long term growth strategy. We can continue to make a difference in our societies by our unique and dynamic approach to business opportunities which are trending to grow in our region more than ever before."

Tetsu Sato
Senior Vice President, NTT DATA Corporation
President and CEO of NTT DATA Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

October. 18, 2016

NTT DATA Corporation

Global IT Services provider, NTT DATA, has been recognised at #5 on the IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings Top100.

The Top 100 list is made up of the leading technology firms that derive more than one-third of their revenue from financial institutions. NTT DATA is recognised as one of the largest global enterprise technology companies measured by calendar year revenue globally earned from financial services.

The ranking truly reflects NTT DATA’s deep industry and technology expertise and various solutions for the financial services industry including banking, wealth management, capital markets, payments and card processor fields and insurance.

To view the FinTech report, visit


IDC Financial Insights assists financial service businesses and IT leaders, as well as the suppliers who serve them, in making more effective technology decisions by providing accurate, timely, and insightful fact-based research and consulting services. For more information, please visit, email, or call 508-620-5533. Visit the IDC Financial Insights Community at


NTT DATA is your Innovation Partner anywhere around the world. Headquartered in Tokyo, with operations in more than 42 countries, we put emphasis on long-term commitment and combine global reach and local intimacy to provide premier professional services from consulting, system development to business IT outsourcing.

Herbert Vogel"I am delighted that itelligence is coordinating and bundling the SAP activities of the NTT DATA subsidiaries in the booming markets. This is a successful milestone for NTT DATA and itelligence on their joint path towards offering customers around the world top-quality, optimized IT solutions and SAP consulting."

Herbert Vogel
Chairman of the Board itelligence (NTT DATA Group)

Yoshio Matsuzaki"In China's rapid economic development period, allocate global group resources rationally, deliver more effective services, advanced products and solutions to our new and existing clients. Centralizing each of service locations we are committed to providing full-service support and comprehensive development."

Yoshio Matsuzaki
CEO of NTT DATA(China) Co., Ltd

Patrizio Mapelli"NTT DATA is the new powerful global IT Service Provider focused on IT Innovation. Through encompassing the rich history and deep expertise from each integrating company NTT DATA offers local knowledge and agility combined with global reach and size - the best of both worlds."

Patrizio Mapelli
President and CEO of NTT DATA EMEA

John McCain"As the proven alternative for IT Services, NTT DATA helps companies of all sizes across all industries flex their business with our innovative solutions, global reach and thought leadership - delivered with an unparalleled culture for quality and client focus. -"

John W. McCain
Senior Vice President, NTT DATA Corporation & CEO of NTT DATA, Inc.

Toshio Iwamoto"We contribute to the prosperity of customers and society through realizing innovation. We are developing cutting-edge services that anticipate trends in technology and strengthening system development capabilities. We are building a new structure to advance the integration and enhance the efficiency of its global operations. This new framework makes NTT DATA a true "global business partner" that brings the success of client’s global businesses through the provision of services to both local and global customers."

Toshio Iwamoto
President and Chief Executive Officer of NTT DATA Corporation