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The automotive industry is characterised by strong global collaboration across all tiers of its complex supply chain, from small suppliers, subcontractors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to car dealers and service stations.

To remain competitive, companies in all tiers of the supply chain must be able to manage their entire value chain from end to end in order to engage their customers in collaborative product design and development while managing their entire product lifecycle. Only with a global view of information can automotive manufacturers and suppliers achieve efficiencies and make smart business decisions to increase investment and drive out cost.

NTT DATA technology-enabled automotive services and solutions helps optimise the end-to-end processes for the entire lifecycle of your products, from new product development, recipe management, and production to cost, quality, and regulatory management. With over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, NTT DATA is among the best IT service providers in the world for the automotive industry. Our client base lists the biggest names of the automotive world.

NTT DATA Australia provides solutions to the automotive industry with CRM development and integration implementation, supply chain management, business intelligence, analytics and performance management, product lifecycle management and mobility.