Our Business Process Management suite provides an array of complementary services to streamline your business administration, enterprise workflow and business decisions.

We help our clients achieve agile business operations by deploying a Business Rules Management System (BRMS). Unlike conventional applications, the BRMS allows new business processes to be designed, tested and deployed without coding, drastically reducing the time and cost of implementing new business processes.

Integrate Disparate Applications

Operating as a middleware application, the BRMS monitors and communicates with multiple information systems concurrently, integrating easily with external databases and your enterprise, web and third party applications.

Key features include:

  • Plug-in accelerators for SAP and SalesForce
  • Java Application development framework for custom plug-ins
  • API connection for Web Services

Automate Business Decisions

The system’s Rules Engine provides constant monitoring of your information systems, allowing business decisions to be driven by consolidated data and executed in a low-latency run-time production environment. The Rules Engine is able to process complex business logic and identify anomalies in system activity by benchmarking current data against historical records or set criteria.

Enterprise Workflow

Using the BRMS’ enterprise workflow tools, we are able to map, test and deploy new business processes, modelling decision trees, sequential workflows and routing distribution for emails, documents and operational tasks. Optimising workflow allows us to reduce latency in traditional business cycles, remove human error and replace paper-based office functions.

Digitise Paper Based Documentation

Through integrated OCR technology, our BRMS platform offers a mechanism for digitising paper-based records. The OCR scanner drastically reduces the time and costs of manual data entry and ensures important data records are readily accessible for distribution.

Manage Documents

Your policies, procedures, minutes, case notes and strategic documents are an integral part to supporting your business administration. Through integrated Document Management, we remove reliance on difficult-to-maintain filing systems and streamline your transition to a paperless office.

Aggregate Data

A robust data warehousing solution ensures that your organisational data is aggregated, providing a foundation for strategic insights and data driven workflow. Our Data Warehouse solution leverages industry leading data warehouse technology and is hosted in a secure data centre, certified ISO 27001 compliant.